Thank You for Your Interest in Ryleigh’s Voice

Ryleighs Voice

We invite you to meet Ryleigh Perry! Ryleigh isn’t able to speak, so she has had to find other ways to communicate. Not too long ago, an aunt donated one of her old smartphones for Ryleigh to use. It allowed Ryleigh to communicate with all of her family, wherever they are.

Ryleigh’s ability to open up by texting sparked an idea in her brother Jeron, and Ryleigh’s Voice was created. Ryleigh’s Voice is a not-for-profit charity that allows the public to donate used smartphones and tablets for people with special needs. These phones will help those with disabilities, allowing them to learn and express themselves in many ways.

Learn more by clicking here. And thank you in advance for thinking about donating your used smartphones and tablets to Ryleigh’s Voice!