Thanksgiving Greetings

As we gather to be grateful for what we have, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving holiday!

Scrub Your Device Before Donating It

Planning to donate a smartphone or tablet to Ryleigh’s Voice? An important step to take before coordinating your donation with us is wiping it the right way to remove personal data.

First, fill out the Donation Form and follow the given instructions. Then, scrub your smartphone/tablet via the following steps:

Your smartphone and/or tablet will be checked upon donation to make sure that the scrubbing process was complete.

Please contact us with questions by calling (910) 292-4257 or email We’d love to hear from you!

At Ryleigh’s Voice, We Accept Financial Donations

Dollars donated to Ryleigh’s Voice assist with our mission of enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities by allowing us to purchase cases, chargers, iTunes cards, and/or other items as needed for smartphone/tablet recipients.

As with a device donation, financial contributors will receive a donation receipt that you can submit at tax time to positively impact your tax position.

Learn more by clicking here or call (910) 292-4257. Thank you for your interest in Ryleigh’s Voice!

Meet Ryleigh Perry

Ryleighs Voice

Ryleigh Perry is a very special young lady who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Ryleigh isn’t able to speak, so she has had to find other ways to communicate. Not too long ago, an aunt donated one of her old smartphones for Ryleigh to use. It allowed Ryleigh to communicate with all of her family, wherever they are.

Read Ryleigh’s story in her brother Jeron’s words by clicking here.

We invite you to explore how you can help families experience life-changing results by donating your used smartphones and/or tablets. Click here or call (910) 292-4257 to learn more.