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At Ryleigh’s Voice, it would be our honor to provide a device to an individual in your life with special needs, opening doors to enhanced communication, interaction, and life skills.

It’s easy to apply for a device for someone in your life with disabilities who could benefit from having his or her own smartphone or tablet to communicate.

Simply complete our brief application.

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Have Questions About Ryleigh’s Voice?

Review our Q&A page to answer questions you may have about Ryleigh’s Voice! Here you’ll find commonly asked questions regarding how to donate your used smartphone or tablet, scrubbing your device before making a donation, and more.

Learn more by calling (910) 292-4257 or emailing We thank you for your interest.

Consider Making a Donation

Smartphone and Tablet

Interested in learning more about how you can help fulfill the mission of Ryleigh’s Voice? Donating devices that you no longer use assist speech impaired individuals to communicate, as well as serve a vast array of special needs, including essential life skills, education (reading, writing, and math), social skills, thought processing, the development of fine motor skills, and so much more. Your donated smartphones and tablets truly open doors!

As a non-profit organization, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, we will gratefully accept your donation to Ryleigh’s Voice and give you a receipt that you can submit at tax time to positively impact your tax position.

Call (910) 292-4257 or email for complete details.

Donated Device Gives Ryleigh a Voice

Ryleighs Voice

We’re proud to introduce Ryleigh Perry, a very bright, non-verbal, young lady living in Raleigh, North Carolina. Ryleigh isn’t able to speak, so she has had to find other ways to communicate. Not too long ago, an aunt donated one of her old smartphones for Ryleigh to use. It allowed Ryleigh to communicate with all of her family and Ryleigh had a voice for the first time in her life!

Read Ryleigh’s story in her brother Jeron’s words by clicking here.

By donating your used smartphones and tablets to Ryleigh’s Voice, you can help families experience life-changing results. Click here to learn more!